What Is A Boutique Agency? And What Are Their Services?

What Are The Boutique Agency Services?

So now that everything is going smooth, the pieces of the puzzle fit great, it’s time to choose the frame of the puzzle and the placement. Let’s set the ground for this whole relationship: moving in together? (Even though this will freak out the parents in this Arab society, be well prepared for faints), wedding? No wedding? Honeymoon destination? Babies? No babies? No babies!! TV or no TV in the bedroom? Etc. The boutique agency along with the client will have to set the right foundations and strategies to have one hell of a ride!

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Of course, we have to keep in mind that in any relationship, the woman’s views and expectations differ man’s. The diversity is absolutely normal. However, the trick is so to make it all happen and make everyone happy.

Boutique Agency Services

As a boutique agency, we try to use the best strategies in the market depending on the business, industry, demand, and demography. After that, we juice the most out of any campaign to have the best results. So no matter what the industry is, it is of utmost importance to us that we keep creating and utilizing successful online marketing strategies to keep attracting new potential audiences.

Indeed, with countless marketing types/channels out there, we choose what best serves a company’s needs and goals. Which usually ends effectively generating both leads and revenues.

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It’s time to delve into the darkest places. Both parties should talk about everything, and I mean everything. The good, the bad, the dirty, the nasty… All cards should be on the table. As a boutique agency, we’re interested in the client’s story as in: where did the idea come from? What was the trigger to open the company? What were the barriers and struggles? Who are the team members? What are the vision and mission? How and why those team members were chosen among the others?

What we try to do here is build an image of what this is and what it should be. Answering these questions helps us easily and rapidly create a clear image of both the company and the target audience.

Until now, it is all nice and easy, as it is always fun to hear interesting stories, but it gets serious as we start knowing about the reason for seeking us. What do they want? What are they looking for? Are they seeking merely a prestigious online presence? Or to build brand awareness for their products and/or services or re-branding? What are the results they’re hoping for? What are the goals they’re aiming at? Do they need marketing to get more exposure when they launch new products and/or services? Do they need to boost their sales? All these questions and really much more are what we need to put everything in perspective and start building the perfect effective plan.

Moreover, I know it gets really sensitive when it comes to money, but this is a crucial point that needs to be tackled as well. We don’t want any surprises whatsoever in this regard for the client or us. So the question is: “How much money are you willing to invest in paid online ads?” I will translate: “what is the budget, or how much money are you willing to grant us to utilize this money on social media platforms?”

Construct your plan

After gathering all the important and not so important information about the client’s company, it is time now to construct the plan together. This is an essential step of the procedure as in this plan goes everything that the boutique agency and the client should do and it’s duration etc.

We specify which social media platforms we’re going to work on, and distribute the budget across the channels, choose the theme, and the style of the posts (Written content, illustrations, real photos, gifs, videos, etc.) and of course specify the target audience.

And due to the “Influencers” rush happening on social media these days, we might as well need to arrange a campaign with an influencer to promote the business.  Now, we can say we’re ready for the final step that is creating the content calendar for everything previously discussed.

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This is what it feels like to start off a relationship. It is intimidating at first but smooth and easy-going at the end especially when both parties are on the same page. Never underestimate the power of harmony between people. Harmony is what makes or breaks a relationship. So building a concrete relationship in such a competitive environment requires having some balls, choosing and trusting the boutique agency that you think is worth the risk.

Let the new chapter begin!


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