Brand development

We’re a Branding Agency in UAE & Lebanon, but we seamlessly serve our regional and international clients in the middle east and Australia.

Brand Development

A clear brand identity is the cornerstone of all marketing and communication efforts

At a time when consumers can buy anything from anywhere, brand development is more important than ever.

Effective branding has the power to change the status quo, transform opinions, build loyalty, and help you gain market share. In two words, it makes or breaks a brand.  As we create modern, unique and truly remarkable brand identities that are thoughtfully crafted by our vast experience in strategy and love for a great design, we believe that branding is not only a logo or typography.

Going above and beyond branding to tap into brand development, we work with our local and international clients to give brands a visual identity, and write stories to remember. And pretty often, the story starts with the name!

Our Brand Development Services

Our branding services are designed to show your product to the world, engaging with your potential customers at every touchpoint

  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Logo Development
  • Brand Refresh
  • Rebranding
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Audit /Analysis / Evaluation
  • Brand DNA
  • Purpose, Positioning, Principles, Personality
  • Creative Brand Strategy
  • Brand Architecture
  • brand experience


Our Methodology

We initiate the Brand Development process with a workshop. This is how our brand strategists work to define the purpose, position, and personality of your brand.

The workshop generates insights and help us clearly communicate your brand’s mission, vision and values to a clearly defined audience.

Messaging Guidelines
The brief is then further developed into messaging guidelines that simplify and clarify the brand promise.

Marketing and Communications Plans
Our strategists put together actionable marketing and communication plans that set the tone for the future integrated marketing initiatives.

Our Team

Petrikor is an agency that combines creativity, strategy and experience with the best marketing and communication solutions.

We pride ourselves on a special blend of designers, strategists, digital gurus and consultants who work in synergy to drive business success. Their combined skills and expertise deliver impactful results that shape the conversation and bring your brands to life.

The Brand Development team’s ultimate goal is to create a trusting and strong relationship with our clients by adopting a growth mindset based on creativity and engagement.

“Overall, our team is passionate about what they do and for the brands they collaborate with. They believe in the power of ideas and how they can change the world and use their talents, expertise and skills to help and inspire companies and brands to discover and understand how to create an impact among their consumers and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.”

More Reasons to Work with Us

  1. we always start with a clear plan
  2. we have insights-driven knowledge about your industry and audience
  3. we care about your goals
  4.  we understand and value authenticity
  5. we are both visual strategists and brand strategists
  6. we know how to set strong foundations for building your brand and its promises
  7. we know how to guide and monitor your brand’s behavior, online and offline
  8. we create impactful brand identities that connect with your audiences
  9. we bring your brand strategy to life, be it through design, motion or sound
  10. we craft brands that can be experienced across all touchpoints, digital and physical

We know that brands need great strategies behind them to keep moving ahead. We help yours spark conversations, ignite engagement and maintain the connection with consumers.

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