Social Media Marketing

We’re a Social Media Marketing Agency in UAE & Lebanon, but we seamlessly serve our regional and international clients in the middle east and Australia.

Social Media Marketing – SMM

We give people and brands a unique voice and help them strike meaningful conversations with their target audience

Nearly half of the world’s population use social media. However, Social Media goes beyond posting content and adding follow icons on your website. Even if you have the most amazing brand and the most wonderful content, you need to know how and when to show it to the world. (the right world too!)

As your social media marketing agency, we have expert insight into all media platforms, industry trends and social media advertising best practices. As such, we will help you improve your reach, increase brand awareness and drive conversions through hyper-targeted messaging, and a fine-tuned strategy tailored to the nature of the platform and how your audience uses it.

Social networks are the best platforms to trigger audience engagement. They’ve also become one of the most powerful factors in purchasing decisions as they reach consumers at every stage of their journey.

5 Top Benefits of SMM

  1. it consistently widens the audience for your business
  2. it builds stronger relationships with your existing customers
  3. it helps generate more leads and conversions
  4. it gives you an edge over competitors
  5. it is cost-effective

Our SMM Services

Our SMM services are divided into three categories: Individual Social Media Services, B2B Social Media Marketing Services and B2C Social Media Marketing Services.

Individual Social Media Services
Just like traditional brands on social media, celebrity accounts don’t just grow by themselves. Social icons (or their agencies) are responsible for coming up with a content strategy that engages their target audience and keeps the conversation going. Beyond entertainment, there’s also the business aspect that has to be taken into account. Our Petrikor social media managers are expert at creating and adapting the agency’s clients voice and working alongside them to make sure their social presence is optimized and their image is always shining.

B2B Social Media Marketing Services
B2B social media marketing tends to be tricky, especially if you’re dealing with what may seem like a somehow dull or technical product. At Petrikor, we go the extra mile to differentiate you from competition by refining your brand voice and making it more conversational, making your content livelier, focus on the most B2B-friendly platforms, and help you stay on top of market trends to position you and your business as industry leaders.

B2C Social Media Marketing Services
Our social media marketing experts identify content pillars that represent your brand values and connect with your target audience. Through their deep understanding of social media content consumption habits, they make sure to deliver content to your specific audience with the right message, in the right format, on the right channel and at the right time. With extensive experience generating results on each social media marketing platform, our social strategists determine how to position your brand using adequate social media branding to achieve the greatest social reach.



The Social Media Sites We Work With

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest


Your assigned social media strategist helps your brand find its place in the social world

Why Would You Want to Work with Us?

Because, using our own methodology, we help you unlick your social media potential

Here’s how!

  1. We ask you out on a date: We will take you on a date to get to know as much about your brand, market, product and customer as possible. To be able to offer our services and expertise, we always try to understand everything about you.
  2. We dig: Then we conduct heavy research starting by measuring your current performance, then browsing your competition, to truly understand what next steps will be beneficial for you.
  3. We strategize: We write down our recommendations based on our research and findings.
  4. We execute: As we align on the strategy, we kick start our social media marketing plans!
  5. We monitor: Our SMM strategy involves a successful social media monitoring approach that starts by listing everything you need to keep track of and how you’ll be responding to your customers so you can achieve a stronger brand loyalty. Monitoring also involves the results aspects as we provide you with reports that show what is working with your specific audience and what is not.
  6. We optimize: Even when your brand is performing well, we never ignore optimization. Social Media Optimization (SMO) allows us to analyze, audit and make adjustments to your content and account to make sure you stay in line with the best practices of social media.


To Survive, You Must Keep Up with the Ever-Changing Social Media Landscape! Our Team at Petrikor is Here to Help You Keep Your Finger on the Pulse!

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