Transparency build trust!

“You shine differently when you’re in love!” this couldn’t be any more accurate. When you’re in a healthy relationship, it brings out the good stuff in you. This reminds of a song that says: “I’m amazing because you’re beside me”, (please don’t ask me what’s the title of the song or who the singer is because I have Alzheimer’s). As a boutique agency, having the perfect client is like a dream come true!

Transparency is a key

Indeed, to have the perfect relationship, there are some things that both parties should do, one of which is being transparent. Transparency is key to having a healthy relationship. Because once you get together, you start asking all these important questions that would eventually affect how the relationship is going to turn out to be. The boutique agency asks all the client-related questions: who they are? What do they do? Why they do what they do? How they do what they do? How will it benefit the customers? Is there a better way to do it? Etc. The boutique agency then works hard to make the client’s business on a larger scale. Eventually, the client’s success will be an agency’s success as well.

It’s just like when you ask your partner: “Who is the best band on planet Earth?” and they instantly answer “Imagine Dragons”. You feel a chill going down your spine, and your eyes widen in admiration, and your heartbeats start to race, and you feel like saying just one word: “I love you!”

A good Client-Agency relationship is the very base of success. Marketing agencies talk in the voice of clients to communicate to their audience, thus directly affecting the sales. That’s why both parties should be on the same page.

Like any relationship, when peace and tranquility dominate the atmosphere, it creates the perfect environment for creativity to bloom and thrive. This calmness leads to immense productivity that inevitably results in a positive outcome. When the client and the agency are in sync, both can contribute to producing creative projects that are most likely to smash the ground. Therefore, increase sales and generate more revenues. It’s a win-win situation.

Being the boutique agency that held digital marketing for Noir é Blanc, and due to the success of these marketing campaigns, many other clients reached us to help them in their social media marketing. Consequently, the agency could then “Cross Collaborate” to create one hell of a content starring all of our beloved brands.

Trust is key!

Also, trust is an important factor in any relationship. Marketing agencies are more updated in marketing trends, technology, SEO tools. So, clients need to trust agencies that they can capture the largest number of audience thus keeping them positively busy. At this point, the boutique agency creates wonderful content that satisfies the client and in return, the client assures the agency and provides it with a sense of security.

Moreover, teamwork and “friendship” is what makes or breaks a relationship. I like to think of this phase as the “Golden Era” in the relationship, especially when those two elements are available. I think this is the appropriate time to come out to the public and announce that you’re “In a Relationship”. It is the perfect time to meet the other partner’s friends and family, and once again emphasizing the importance of “Cross Collaborations.”

Building relationships is nothing easy; it requires a lot of time, energy, and effort. A boutique agency points out the problems in the client’s strategy and provides the appropriate solutions to target the audience. Eventually, this harmonic relationship results in a thriving business.


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