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How We Elevated City Perfume’s Digital Presence


Organic Revenue Boost



1,000,000 A$



New Ranking Keywords

City Perfume, a renowned perfume retailer in Australia, had a vision: to scale their success and reach unprecedented heights. With over 25 years of legacy, they sought expertise to enhance their digital footprint. Enter Petrikor Digital Solutions.

Digital Dilemma - The Challenge:

City Perfume’s aspirations were clear:

  • Master Google ads campaigns, especially with substantial budgets.
  • Overcome SEO challenges like outdated themes, user-friendliness, and technical glitches.
  • Achieve the coveted 1st rank organically and maximize profits through ads.

Blueprint for Breakthrough - Our Strategy:

1. SEM Mastery:
We didn’t just manage; we optimized. By meticulously analyzing data and trends, we ensured every dollar of the budget was maximized for results.

2. SEO Revolution:
From on-page optimizations to quality backlinks, website restructuring, and technical improvements, we left no stone unturned.

Triumphs in Technicolor - The Results:

SEM Showstoppers:

  • 1st Year: Over 400k A$ in revenue with around 1000% ROAS!
  • 2nd Year: Nearly 1,000,000 A$ in revenue, maintaining an average ROAS close to 1000%.

SEO Spectacles:

  • Revenue Boost: A staggering 60.57% growth from Google.
  • Organic Traffic Surge: A 25.08% increase in new organic users.
  • Keyword Expansion: From 7.9K to a remarkable 12K.
  • Top Rankings: Dominating first-page rankings for major search terms.
  • Authority Amplified: Domain authority leaped from 21 to 29.

Voices of Victory

“Petrikor Digital Solutions didn’t just meet our expectations; they surpassed them. Their expertise has been instrumental in our digital growth” - City Perfume CEO

We don’t just deliver results, we redefine success!

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