Creative Lebanese Agencies Advertisements

We all know that advertisement time is that time to grab a bite or to respond to Mother Nature’s call. I’m just saying!

We hate it especially when we’re watching a good movie, as we suddenly turn into the best green creature The Grinch screaming loudly “LOATHE ENTIRELY!!”

While this was a mere survey about our favorite advertisement that my boss decided to make us take “just for fun”, turned out that it was for other marketing purposes (and obviously made me write about it), it still took us back in time & urged us to recall our most troubling & wonderful memories.

Even though I wasn’t born when some of these advertisements came out *cough* (definitely implying that I am still in denial for just turning 27), they’re still great advertisements that made it through, to be among our favorites!

Here’s the thing about Advertisement

While it’s really hard to create an advertisement that would stick in the minds of viewers, creative Lebanese agencies have made some really great advertisements throughout the past years (regardless of the poor media industry).

It was difficult to sift among many advertisements (especially that each one of us at the company had different opinions and justifications but let’s just keep the arguments & fights aside), here are our favorite creative Lebanese advertisements:

  1. Ksara, Laser Films

Well, this ad has set the bar for a new era of advertisement in the Lebanese commercials’ industry.

  1. Abed Tahan: Perfect Christmas Gifts

This is actually one of my favorite advertisements. The idea of having kids with no script and just letting them express their ideas was wonderful. We humans dig that sense of innocence and we can’t help it when it comes to small cute children. They creatively highlighted that Abed Tahan has all kinds of products that are perfect for Christmas. Way to go!!

  1. Buzz, Frame Nation Films

Every year, Buzz surprises us with a series of advertisements that are just funny with catchy phrases -although they mostly don’t make sense like “Mashewe wl shabeb” that many youngsters added to their vocabulary- it’s still one of our favorites.

  1. Cheyef Halak, Impact BBDO

This advertisement hit hard on people’s heartstrings as it showed how Lebanese people became desensitized to discrimination. All these judgments & prejudices coming out from young people proved how much of a judgmental culture we live in. Not proud of the fact to be honest!

  1. Optimum Health Insurance

First of all it is Ziad Al Rahbani. Second, IT’S ZIAD AL RAHBANI FOR GOD’S SAKE!

  1. Birabbkon, Sall7o ter2at lzeft

This is one hilarious advertisement. At least it is for me. It’s just how the religious-conflicts related sense of humor mingles with the messed up infrastructure that we have in Lebanon.

  1. Bill Clinton

This is a punny advertisement.

  1. Beirut Beer – kein lwahid bil bayt, Operation Unicorn

The campaign started with “kill yom mjaddra” and since then they delivered many advertisements that, in my opinion, aren’t all so good, but this one indirectly addresses their competitor Almaza which is utterly genius.

  1. Exotica, Leo Burnett MENA

First things first, I hate this advertisement!! What a relief getting that out, woof. But to avoid being fired, (since it is my boss’ favorite) here it is!! 🙂

The advertisement portrays a woman who is extremely bored and emotionally empty that she treats a bouquet of pencils as flowers. Obviously the therapy for emotional emptiness is flowers. I know, right?!! I always thought it’s chocolate… Not to Exotica though..

  1. U-Chat, Leo Brunett Beirut

It’s a funny way to portray over-protective parents, I’ve been in Rami’s shoes, I AM 27!!  But oh well, the advertisement is light on the heart & the message was easily conveyed.

  1. Mute Fairuz, Clémentine SAL

This advertisement renders us speechless, no justification required!

Indeed, there are many advertisements that didn’t make it to our list and that’s due to the fact that they lack creativity and/or the link between the advertisement and the product or service.

However, as you can see, these advertisements are hard to forget and will resonate in the viewer’s minds long after they see it. I think creative Lebanese agencies are getting smarter with their campaigns and are delivering perfect advertisements. I can’t wait to see more of their creativity blowing up our minds and giving us more work to do 🙂

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