Nightmares vs Dreams: The Types of Digital Marketing Clients

Okay, so let’s get things straight, anybody who thinks digital marketing is a breeze and such an easy task to do, I’m glad to say they’re wrong. It’s an interesting industry, I give you that, but nothing comes easy. This is “Life” we live in.. Don’t forget that. One of the things that marketing agencies have to deal with on a daily basis is clients. As in any other industry, clients come in all shapes, and sizes. So, here are the types of digital marketing clients:

  1. The Needy Friend Or Family Member Who Just Remembered You Exist


These are the ones you know of when you win the lottery. So, when you establish your own business, everyone wants a piece of it and the savage feud begins. No, I just got carried away a little bit. What happens is that, they think you can handle their Facebook page, Instagram account, website etc. so easily to help them gain more exposure, and consequently more profits. But allow me to tell you how things work. As much as marketing agencies like to help friends and family members, this is still a business and they, too, need to benefit and make profit out of it in order to survive.

Handling Facebook pages requires a lot of time, energy and money! Just because agencies are in the digital marketing industry doesn’t mean they get it for free. They pay to market your content, spend many hours creating marketing campaigns and do excessive research to target specific audiences, which again takes a lot of time.

So, friends and family should be well aware of the effort invested in such projects and not to take it personally and ruin long-term relationships. Marketing agencies help when they can help. Nothing personal. It just that digital marketing agencies always try to collaborate with large organizations to cover their expenses. Though friends and family’s business is a valuable part of their growth, still they cannot work for free because they really need to pay the bills. And buy food. And cigarettes.

   2. The Pantomath


These clients know exactly what they want and what they don’t. As much as it seems easy to deal with them, it is sometimes hard for marketing agencies to get approvals. Marketing agencies offer many options to choose from in order to please these clients. These are the good type of picky clients. Agencies like to look at them as tutors, where they could constantly learn how to be better and challenge themselves for better results.


   3. The Vampires


These clients are somewhat hard to deal with as they don’t appear or respond to calls until God wills. Marketing agencies need to stay in contact with clients so that they ensure an excellent performance and outcome. It does make us happy that clients blindly trust us and believe in our abilities but we still need to make sure that their demands are met impeccably.



   4. The Psychologically Loose

psychologically loose

These clients are so comfortable around us that they feel free to express their feelings and tell us about their personal lives revealing their psychological disorders. Don’t get me wrong, when clients and marketing agencies become this close, wonderful results are ought to happen. This also strengthens the relationship between clients and marketing agencies and emphasizes the latter’s credibility.



   5. The Okay-You-Know-Better clients

okay you know better

These I’d like to call the settlers. What I really think of such clients is that they are generating substantial amounts of profits that they don’t have time to discuss the campaigns. Just like Lamborghini’s are in no way in need for marketing to sell, these clients are on FIRE!! But we’re merely here to be a part of their success.




   6. The Underestimator


These clients don’t believe in the impact of digital marketing at all. Even though, agencies generate really good results for them, they remain doubtful. Here’s the thing, when they actually notice the difference, they relate the success to other factors. In addition, they start giving agencies more tasks to handle, by more I mean irrelevant tasks (mainly because they BELIEVE that this marketing agency is able to pull it!) They also start raising their expectations, which is again a good thing for marketing agencies; it makes them push their selves further.


   7. The Rare client

rare client

The perfect client is very much indeed rare. These clients are like a dream. They pay marketing agencies well, they appreciate their efforts, and they communicate very well with the marketers. Clients like such, will definitely gain the most out of their investment and be able to achieve stellar success.




Digital marketing agencies deal with all sorts of clients, and develop close relationships with them. Though it’s harder to deal with some, marketing agencies appreciate everyone alike. It’s all about compromising & reaching a common ground in order to guarantee a successful collaboration.

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