Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

Well, Digital Marketing Trends are just like…

fashion trends that are followed by more than most people, even though they might seem absurd for a moment there, still there is no way stopping people from following them anyways. It’s not limited only to fashion, but trends like going vegan or recreating challenges like “Harlem Shake”, “Ice-Bucket” challenge, or “The Mannequin” challenge made people lose their minds in an attempt to follow such weird trends. Perhaps the most outrageous trend of all is people posing in a beautiful landscape while exposing their butts. People are trend followers by all means. Digital marketing trends are no different at all.

Indeed with this technological rush, we’re witnessing, conventional marketing is now ancient history. It’s justifiable though. With constantly being on the run, I’d say people wouldn’t have time to pull a newspaper & even skim it for relevant information. Today’s world operates on a fast forward button, meaning that the information ought to be delivered straightforwardly & in a concise manner. Here’s where the breakthrough of digital marketing trends comes in handy. Due to today’s hectic rhythm of life, digital marketing is the best tool to do marketing & to deliver messages easily & rapidly.

Here’s a list of digital marketing trends for 2022 that will change your game plan in the world of marketing for good:

1.     Video Content

Keep in mind when it comes to digital marketing, people love videos. Especially those short, touching, simple videos. People emphasize emotional content because humans, by nature, react well to good stories. Since videos are more compelling, marketing a product or a service through a video conveys messages way better & much faster. Marketing-wise, videos improve sales up to 80% as suggested by a recent study. Once a video goes viral, this means that you hit the jackpot in digital marketing. The variety of video formats (360-degree video to live stream) makes it flexible for the marketing team to plan video campaigns.

Moreover, the exponential increase in demand for videos triggered a need in businesses that seek more engagement with customers. Perhaps live streaming on Facebook, for example, is a strong driver for many customers. Another type of streaming that started with Snapchat is the “story”. As this hype’s getting more and more popular, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and YouTube have emulated the concept (only YouTube called it “Reels”).

Here’s the thing with stories,

It creates a sense of FOMO for users that stimulates them to check stories every other hour or so. Video content is assumed to absorb about 80% of the world’s Internet traffic, where the story proves to be a crucial factor to utilize in your social marketing strategy. So marketing on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat will reach rooftops in 2022. However, to stand out from the crowd, you might as well want to be creative with the video’s content and provide solid information. Here are some statistics to help you fully grasp the importance of video content on social media:

  • YouTube viewers watch a billion hours of video every day
  • Facebook users consume over 8 billion videos each day
  • 82% of Twitter’s audience views video content on the platform


2.     Mobile Invasion

With my grandma using her smartphone to access Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Twitter, I really doubt the chance of having anyone not using a mobile phone (well, there are actually 25% of the population that don’t use mobile phones). Anyway, back to my point, most people use their mobile phones for everything. In other words, this is a catchy hunt to do digital marketing as marketers can reach & engage with most customers through their phones. That can be done by creating a mobile website and/or applying to your business or even by sending customers text messages.

3.     Geofencing

Did you know that there is a new sense that people are using lately? The mobile phone. Yes!! That’s right. Humans and mobile phones are inseparable nowadays. No matter where they are or what time it is, people are continuously engaging with the device. Wherever they go, the mobile goes with them which makes it easier for marketers to use geofencing. Marketers use geofencing to gather information about customers and their preferences as they move from one place to another.  By locating customers in certain areas, marketers could take advantage of the opportunity and send promotional deals and messages to stimulate a call to action. It is one of the best ways to engage with customers and get to know them better to apply the best marketing approach.

4.     Blogs

As I mentioned earlier, people like stories that they could relate to. So, blogs are another way to engage with customers and are a great tool for digital marketing. When companies start a thread of interesting blog posts, like telling about customers’ stories, for example, will, in a way, form some relationship between customers and the brand. This is the kind of interaction any business should seek to promote its brand.

5.     Chatbots

Chatbots are communication tools that are made to respond to customers’ comments, solve customer service issues, etc. They operate within a defined workflow to enhance customer engagement and promote conversion rates. Usually, messages sent by Chatbots reach far more people than emails will ever be able to, making it a force to be reckoned with. Basically, 2022 is the dawn of social media bots, and every business should utilize it.

6.     The Art of digital marketing through Micro-Influencers

Today, you see influencers at every corner of the street. They are either strutting with their designer’s bag or even documenting their experience at a fancy restaurant. Those influencers have an audience base of something between 1,000-1,000,000 followers and sometimes more. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING. Instagram is the hot spot to apply marketing through influencers. One of the most prominent and followed influencers these days is Maya Ahmad.

Mirco-influencing in digital marketing is all about publishing a post of a particular niche topic, service, or product. Their loyal followers then engage with the post and act upon the recommendations of the influencer since there is some sort of trust between the two. People believe that there is a special kind of authenticity & credibility that these influencers possess resulting in higher engagement rates. That’s because people feel like they can trust people who are just like them. Influencers act as a delegate for the brand, and then the brand can develop a relationship with the influencer’s audience. You can clearly see that this digital marketing strategy is powerful and it works!! So all you got to do, is team up with a social media influencer who is trusted and loved by the people to promote your brand effectively.

7.     Video Ads

It’s no wonder that touching stories play a vital role in selling. I still remember how my heart grew bigger when I first saw the Mentos Ad. Also, Audi makes incredible and creative ads as well as this one here. Such simple yet touching ads lingers in the customer’s minds and trigger a need for them to contribute to a cause even if it revolves merely around human interactions. Some ads provide strong and important social messages that seize a bigger market share. All these social and digital marketing-related trends will definitely have a positive impact in 2022 when implemented correctly.

In an ever-changing marketing environment, it is really crucial to keep up with the latest trends to stay ahead of the game. These trends could grant you a competitive edge over your competitors if you take advantage of them rapidly and with utter wit. You might as well want to keep an eye on emerging trends as 2022 unfolds new opportunities for they could be the trick to help you stay in the lead.

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