Dear Client… It’s the smell of cheating!

Why Do You Need Online Presence?

You come back home from a long stressful day at work, as soon as you open the door, you feel that there’s something not quite right.. There’s this very unusual disturbing silence, and it smells weird. I mean it really smells weird. You walk slowly to the source of that smell, and it takes you to the bedroom. You open the door to find your girlfriend caught red-handed in bed … with a large extra cheesy pepperoni pizza next to a big bottle of coke. As you stand there in utter astonishment, you start recalling where did you go wrong to make this hideous thing happen. I think the blame is on the lack of your online presence.

When it comes to the agency-client “cheating” phase, the reasons are many really, and both parties actually contribute to this, to be fair. First of all, one initial campaign hit is never enough even if the success smashed the ground. The thing is, with time, people tend to forget especially when there are countless competitors out there creating one hit campaign after the other. You have to stay present in people’s minds, and that doesn’t happen by making merely one campaign.

What happens is that clients think that the push they got from the first campaign will get them where they intend to be in the future, and that’s not the case. The boutique agency works really hard creating and making future plans to actually get clients on the top. So, following just the first step of the plan and ditching the rest of it won’t work out at all.


In a world like ours, where online presence is literally everything, loosening up is not an option. Let me give you an example. Lately, I’ve been having some real issues with my skin due to the dry weather where I live, and whatever product I used would just make it worse.

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Being in a new country, knowing no one makes it harder for me to find things and places I need. But now Google is my best friend, he is always with me, and he helps me with absolutely everything. So I typed down: “Best facial clinic” and I’m rewarded with a bunch of 5 starred clinics. Now I get all tensed up, sweaty, and nervous on how will I be able to call for an appointment. I can’t speak their language, they can’t speak mine, and somehow English doesn’t feel international anymore. I look up their website, and fortunately, they have a booking system. So, that made it easy for me to book an appointment, type of treatment, price, and payment method. Within minutes, and on my cozy couch, I was able to do all that with just a few clicks. JACKPOT!

The next day, I grabbed myself and went to the other side of the country (Again with my best friend’s help) and managed to find a very small clinic in a regular residence building where I got my facial treatment. Moral of the story: Online Presence is life!

This small clinic earned a new customer merely by having an online presence. It had me, and will surely have many others in my situation, to be able to benefit from their services and products while they actually keep attracting more customers. And it doesn’t have to be a website; it could be social media presence, which is also one of the strongest channels at the moment. By posting once a week or so, customers will engage with the posts and might share with their friends. Therefore, more potential customers, all of which will build a solid online presence. And the time spent building the online presence never goes to waste especially for small and startup businesses.

A boutique agency will help clients actually get high ranks on Google’s search engine. By creating some kick-ass content backed up by a strong SEO. This way the client’s page will appear at the top of the list making it the best choice/target for the audience.

What I think happens is that neglect leads to such scenarios as cheating. When clients think they’ve got this, and stop actually replying to texts, emails and even phone calls, the relationship starts falling apart.

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When clients are not focusing on their girlfriend (the target audience), she will surely look for better alternatives, faster, easier, more accessible and of course fulfilling. And with huge online-present competitors, it’s a piece of cake to find a substitute or even substitutes.

It reminds a lot of Hi5 and Facebook. Hi5 is a social network that existed way before Facebook did. But Facebook came by storm and erased any traces of Hi5 with an extreme online presence. Even though Hi5 still exists to this date, it people rarely use, and many have never even heard of it. Moral of the story: Online presence is life!

Moreover, with the invasion of the digital age and the hectic lifestyles, we run to the Internet to do everything.

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I’m guilty of this… A few days ago, I ordered my Indian spices online at night because I didn’t feel like going out. I even paid with my credit card because I don’t want even to have to open my wallet. Welcome to Laziness 101. 😀

So with a strong online presence, customers can buy services and products at any time and from anywhere with a click of a button.

Furthermore, rating and reviews are of utmost importance. How many times have you searched for a restaurant and checked the rating and reviews? Countless times! I’m sure.

Those very reviews were what you based your decision upon. 5 stars, good reviews, we’re already in the car, scrolling through the menu, choosing the best burger in town. Again, online presence is key.  I have to mention that also replying to good and bad reviews is very essential to show customers that the business actually listens to customers and what they have to say whether it’s good or bad. That’s saying a lot about dedication and customer service.

When clients fail to see all the benefits of sticking to the plan formulated by the boutique agency, they should never wonder when they catch their clients having an affair. With the ever-changing needs and demands, clients always look for what is more exciting, what’s new, what’s faster, what’s easier, and more convenient. And when a business neglects the desires of their clients, they will soon get bored, grab their bags and leave for good. They will easily find alternatives in this huge sea of competitors.

Finally, make sure that you invest your time, energy, and money in the plan created by the boutique agency. Remember that your success is the agency’s success.

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By the way, if you happen to know a good Indian restaurant, please let me know, cheers!