Social Media and Business: No Smoke Without Fire

Social media has certainly altered our lives drastically, especially within the last couple of years. Everyone is now able to share the tiniest details of their daily life with millions of people. However, some accidents come at a great cost, as they could affect one’s reputation for good or could actually be the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Power of Social media Virality

How many times have you seen an innocent mistake that went viral on social media and sabotaged the lives of many? Countless, I’d say. Many people have faced the dreadful end simply by unconsciously posting something on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram that took them straight down the drain. Here’s the thing with social media: nothing is ever forgotten or overlooked. It could be something you posted many years back that could still cost you a whole lot. You must have seen the video of Mennel Ibtissem, a contestant from The Voice in its French version. Mennel Ibtissem blew the judges away with her incredible performance. A week later, she announced that she quit the show due to a backlash over her older Twitter posts. Her politically related tweets were the very reason that ended her journey on The Voice.

social media

Menel Ibtissem

Social media has also made many unknown people significantly famous. Let’s take Jaclyn Hill, for instance, who came from an underprivileged background and is now unbelievably famous (and filthy rich). Jaclyn Hill started as a makeup artist at M.A.C cosmetics store and then began doing makeup tutorials on YouTube. Her talent in makeup & the videos she published on YouTube granted her the chance to collaborate with renowned beauty. These cosmetic lines like Becca cosmetics & Morphe gained crazy profits with the help of Jaclyn.

Within 20 minutes, to be exact, Sephora has sold more than 25,000 pieces of “Champagne Pop.” Jaclyn Hill’s highlighter broke sales records. Morphe earned $12.2 million out of Jaclyn’s campaign, who, once again, gained her popularity solely on the Internet. Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendez, Collbie Caillat, Faya Younan, and many others started with a simple video. This video went viral on social media & turned them into successful public figures that they are now.

social media

Jaclyn Hill

Obviously, you don’t have to be a singer or an actor to become famous and rich, and gain substantial sums of profits.  All you really need is the right platform, and you’re ready to soar as high and bright as any star.

Social media and business

Furthermore, businesses are now concentrating more on social media as it is reaching many people within a short period. Due to globalization, people from all around the globe can access the Internet & all sorts of social media. It keeps people updated with the most recent news & to stay connected with friends & family. Hence, with people being online, literally, the entire time, it’s easier to reach them & grab their attention to your benefit.

Let’s face it, whenever you want to go to a restaurant, for example, the first thing that you’d do is check the reviews on Facebook. Based on the reviews, you’d decide whether or not to go. The same thing goes for any product you wish to purchase or even any business you’d like to deal with. Digital marketing nowadays is extremely crucial. It is really what makes or breaks the success of any business.

Why you need digital marketing through social media?

People now are taking digital marketing way more seriously than ever. That’s because everyone is witnessing the actual impact of the latter. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are main drivers that could actually speed up the growth of your business and help build credibility and trust.

With the right tools & the right time, you might be surprised by the outcome. It is our job to make your business stand out from the crowd. We utilize every possible tool to make that happen to help you attract more potential customers. Indeed, with such a dramatic change in modern technologies, most businesses are shifting to an online presence. These businesses are multiplying efforts using digital marketing strategies to boost their existence. Such strategies allow them to capture the expanding marketplace.

If you own a business that happens to be stuck on a bump and you’re roaming around clueless as what to do to give it that extra push to make it slide forward on the road of success, then I’m glad to tell you that Petrikor is your savior.
With Petrikor, we can guarantee that you attract your target audience and set you back on the right track. It’s most certainly that digital marketing today serves as the perfect tool to get better opportunities in the competition game. Digital marketing through social media offers superior chances for your business’s survival, growth, and definitely success.

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