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The Relationship Between Social Media Marketing Agencies and the Client.

So now that the nightmare of the first date is over, by the grace of the Lord, we would like to move on to an extremely important phase: Dance Lessons. Indeed, before getting into the dancing lessons, you have to get to know each other well. In other words, the social media marketing firm and the client should sit, and each party must talk about themselves, the past
relationships (what worked, what didn’t work, why it didn’t work), competitors, what they like, what they don’t like, what is absolutely unacceptable and such. Therefore, knowing each other is a crucial step because it helps maintain a long-term relationship, especially when the clients feel that the social media marketing agency is really interested in knowing who they are, thus they will regard you as someone worthy of their time and money.

Like any dance routine, the undying effort of both parties is crucial for the success of the dance. And just like any relationship in general, there are always ups and downs. So, to maintain the whole relationship to steady ground, both parties ought to put their all into it. Which, of course, needs a lot of communication and hard work.

What’s in it for the client?

You might think now, “What’s in it for you?” “Why do you care how “the dance” turns out to be as long as you get the money for it?”

Well, that’s true. We work for you, and we get paid for it, but that’s not all we care about. We aim at getting some international recognition or perhaps an award, and that’s only by delivering more than what our clients expect or even better than their expectations.

However, let’s be honest here, it’s not always easy to convince the client what’s good and what’s bad when they clearly see otherwise. It is extremely irritating to hear a client ask for an impractical campaign or better yet an impossible one, especially when we know that, eventually, the final decision isn’t our call to make. But again, we try to tell our clients that dance needs a whole lot of trust between two people, one has to trust that the other will not let them fall.

And while awards and some international exposure will do us good, we still care the most about the satisfaction of our clients more than anything else, and we make sure that they get the most exquisite, craziest, and creative campaigns ever.

Moreover, the client should know that we are a team. We work together to
ensure that everything is going according to the set plan. By acknowledging
this fact, we guarantee a smoother and transparent workflow, consequently better results.

Social Media Marketing Agency Services

As an experienced social media marketing agency, we help strategize and shape ideas into actual plans. Due to our expertise with social media marketing, we know what works and what won’t. So, when we try to convince a client to choose a particular path, we are saying that out of complete knowledge and experience. And when the clients see that for themselves (that this is the right course of action to pursue), it adds a lot of credibility to our agency.

This is so similar to when the dancers sit together to choose their outfits (the colors, the design… ), the song to which they would like to dance to, the pace of the song (fast, slow, emotional, fun.. etc.), the lighting design and then lastly, comes the choreography.

This brainstorming is extremely important as it simplifies the upcoming steps and ensures an easier and faster flow of action.

Furthermore, due to the simple fact that we are a social media marketing
for quite some time now, we are well aware of the latest marketing
and the best practices to help our clients be on the top of the game. We own it when it comes to the dance floor.

Nevertheless, one of the most important traits of a solid relationship is that both parties have to respect what the other is offering and bringing to the table. No matter how small the contribution is, it still matters and makes a lot of difference.

There’s an issue we face quite a lot when a client hires us. They stop putting any effort. They have to understand that we work with them, not instead of them. What happens to the dance when someone doesn’t learn the routine of the choreography? It fails. The whole dance fails because one party is sloppy and all over the place, even though the other party learned the whole thing. A dance takes two and so does social media marketing campaigns.

Just because a client hires us, that doesn’t mean that they could stop their contributions to the campaigns. We always need their effort to promote their brand and products/services.

Therefore the more communication between the social media marketing agency and client, the better the relationship becomes. Communication will create a solid relationship that eventually ends up in easier project completion in the most productive way possible. Updates and feedback should be discussed weekly to avoid issues, ill communication, and dissatisfaction, and/or God forbids bad results. >_<

Think outside the box!

In case you’re into dancing shows, you must have seen what happens to amazing dancers when they keep dancing to a specific standard throughout the show. They get out of the competition. Why? Weren’t they good enough? They were, however, they weren’t thinking outside of the box. They weren’t bringing something new, something exciting. The judges simply got bored with the level they’re delivering and decided that they need more to capture the audiences’ attention.

In other words, if the relationship between two parties isn’t growing, it is
rather fading. And with that comes bad consequences. Just like we, a social
media marketing agency, adapt to the slightest changes in the marketing trends, clients should be well aware of the changes as well.

To sum it all up, building a relationship isn’t something easy. It takes a lot of time and effort; however, it is extremely crucial for both the social media marketing agency and client.
sheds light on what could be going wrong in a certain strategy and
proposes adequate solutions to attract target audience.


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