City Perfume (2020 – 2021)

Executive Summary

City Perfume, an online and in-store retailer of niche and luxury fragrances and cosmetics, has been running ad campaigns since 2019 with many agencies. By mid-2021, City Perfume campaigns were resulting a low revenue with a high cost. As a solution, they hired Petrikor Solutions to give them a helping hand. We found out that their Google Ads account was a huge mess.

We started by setting up their account properly and linking it to other platforms. In addition, they needed to increase brand awareness and revenue in such a way that the value of return conversions is higher than the cost.



+11 M


+110 K


+2.35 K




Our Main Goals

Reset City Perfume Google Ads Account

Increase Brand Awareness

Increase the Quality of Their Traffic

Increase Conversions

The Problems/ Our Findings

A. Technical SEM Problem
    1. Tracking problems
    2. Plugin problems
B. SEM Details
    1. Lack of strategy
    2. Lack in campaigns and ads optimization
    3. Broad audience targeting
C. SEO & Content that affect SEM performance
    Lack of content and description

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Our Solutions

• Switching to a new Website platform.
• Analyzing Results.

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